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Just because...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Ok, so... (here is the earth... ROUND)... anyway... I really want to focus on sustainable fashion right now, but I've just spent the last hour cracking up over Bad Lip Reading videos on Youtube and writing bad haikus via text with a friend back at home and I'm a little laugh happy. 

And you know what?  I think that's all I want to write about. 

Because it's Wednesday.  

Because the weeks have seemed to drag on lately.  

Because for the last few nights, I've been bored and alone.

Because I haven't been able to do any travel lately and it's killing my soul... and the last thing I want is for my soul to die.  

With that in mind, I just want this post to be a quick mid-week reminder to do something absolutely ridiculous.  Laugh.  Laugh so hard that anyone passing your apartment door who might hear you giggling (and yes, maybe even audibly snorting with mirth) thinks that a crazy person lives behind your door.   Let yourself laugh so hard that you cry.  Revel in it.  Relish the feeling of lightness that comes in the wake of your laughter.  

And then, even though it's past your bedtime, maybe paint your face or play in your closet or take a bunch of goofy selfies to spam your pals with when the sun comes up.  

Just because...

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the sweater was thrifted
: the headband was made with scrap fabric
: the necklace is fair trade and handmade from repurposed paper beads
: the earrings are fair trade and handmade

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