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Monochromatic chic...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's 3 days into 2017 and already, I am behind schedule!  Golly, I hope that this isn't any indication of the way the rest of the year is going to go!  

And now, I have to tell something of a sad fashion sob story.  

 With all that is going on with my new full-time teaching job, I fear that I have lost my style.  I was so incredibly into all of the embroidered, brightly-coloured, patterned boho trends of the last few years and now that they've kind of gone onto the back burner/I became a real-live teacher, I've ended up selling or packing away lots of my super fun clothes in favor of more practical pieces. 

I still go on those wonderful Pinterest binges, but now, instead of actually re-creating and wearing many of the ripped-jeans, maxi skirt, fabulous jewelry outfit, I find myself constantly reaching for a pair of leggings, flat shoes, stud earrings, and whatever tops happen to match all of the other pieces I've collected.  

While it is helpful that more simple, streamlined clothing is on-trend at the moment, I tend to miss the fun, hippie pieces that have been my go-to's for years.  

Alas, I managed to put together this monochromatic outfit (totally out of my comfort zone) and spice it up with a fair trade necklace and my new 6-way poncho from Nomads Clothing.  I wanted to wear it as an actual poncho on this day, but we were in and out of so many buildings and with the chilly weather outside, and crazy heat inside, I was in and out of my jacket and just found it easier to unbutton and style as a scarf.  

It kept my neck warm when I was bundled up outside and added a change of colour while I was wandering around various museums and going out to dinner! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the poncho is fair trade
: the necklace is handmade and fair trade
: the rings are handmade

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