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I have an idea...

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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Oh, friends... I just got home from work and was treating myself to a quick 5 minute Facebook feed investigation and I quickly realized that some scary shizznit happened today.  While, if you've been skipping the bits here about sustainable fashion and only digging in to the personal stuff, you know that I moved to Las Vegas to (finally) teach special education (after getting an M.A. in special education in 2012).  It hasn't been going well.  I've been up to my ears in paperwork and screaming children and I've had a tough time building a decent support system and making friends out here in the desert.

All of that, coupled with the current government's decision to confirm Ms. DeVos today and I'm really, quite seriously thinking about dusting off that old apparel merchandising/business degree from undergrad and getting the heck out of dodge.  

I apologize for getting political.  I'm seriously torn though... how much is too much?  I don't want to be a defeatist but I'm also trying to pay attention to what the world is doing to help me figure out my path.  I don't want to quit, but I also know that things are rough, I can change them, and I'd love to love the amount of life that I have left on this big blue planet.  

So here's what I'm thinking... 

I'd love some feedback... 

For about a year now, I've been toying with the idea of rounding up all of my favourite sustainable brands and starting first, an online store, but if that goes well, I have a really fun idea for a physical store that would take repurposing, sustainable and fair trade fashion and accessories to a new level. 

What say you? 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the earrings were handmade from ethically harvested butterfly wings
: the bracelets are all handmade
: the leggings are hand-me-downs

5 comments on "I have an idea... "
  1. I absolutely love your idea for starting up a store focusing on sustainable fashion. Sometimes in life, shitty decisions are made that are mostly out of our control and so we can find ways to take actions in the ways we know how. If you can make it happen, do it!


  2. I have always loved your clothes. You need to do what is best for you. If you are truly miserable where you are reevaluate yourself and ask yourself if you can change or change the people you are trying so hard to teach. You are an amazing person Amy and no matter what you do in life you always make the best out of it. Spread those wings and fly if you need too.

  3. Hey! I think it's an interesting idea and would love to discuss this with you if you're up for it. My number hasn't changed or you can find me on gchat :-)

  4. Hi, Signe. I did a bit of research about Ms. De Vos and I am not certain if I am allowed to say anything. Do what you love, girl! You can do both - owning a boutique that only sells sustainable clothing and being a teacher. A woman with your kind of spirit can accomplish anything. Whatever your decision is, I'm sure you will be successful! xoxo

    Much love,
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  5. That's a great idea, you should totally do it!
    When you're passionate about something, you have greater chances to succeed. Good luck!