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Sustainable life...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

This year has been a royal bugger.  It has.  It definitely could have been worse, but it has most certainly been plagued with roadblocks that I would have loved to avoid.  That being said, during my blog breaks, I've found myself meditating on ways that my life could be different.  I've ended up going in circles quite a few times, but in the last few days (back at my mum's house) I've turned over a new idea.  My life this year has been about surviving.  It's been around breaking out and being on my own.  It's been about really, truly, trying to be a grownup, but in doing all of those grownup things, I've lost all passion.  

And a life without passion, simply isn't ok with me.  The photo up there ^ was noticed in a mad rush to catch the train, but it was just magical enough that I had to stop and snap it... and that's kind of when it hit me.  

While there may not be magic of the Harry Potter variety in this world, there is a certain type of magic that stems directly from doing things about which one is passionate.  While I've loved being able to help kids and spend lots of time hiking and exploring National Parks this year, the little things that used to bring me joy have ceased to do so.  I've lost a lot of direction, and in doing so, have gotten way out of touch with what makes me me.  : the daily savant : used to be something that brought me a ton of joy.  Playing with clothes and having fun with photoshoots was totally sustaining, even during the crazy times.  

These days, something that sustains me is figuring out ways to help the world, but that can't be done unless I've also done what I need to do to help myself.  I guess this will be a place where all aspects of sustainability will be discussed: from fashion to eco-tips to self-preservation, I really want this blog to encompass all aspects of living a sustainable lifestyle! 

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  3. Amazing photos!