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Re-purposing with a purpose...

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Oh lala, getting back into the game with a bit of creative re-purposing of fair trade and handmade goodies.  Because I am prepping to move, I've been doing lots of weeding out of the closet (and in general) and I've been trying to keep minimalist principles in mind while doing so.  

If you've seen the Gilmore Girls reboot, you may remember Emily talking about a little book called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" which basically says that if something doesn't bring you joy, let it go.  I've kind of been operating with that mindset, but I've also added a more functional component to it, so if it isn't useful AND it doesn't bring me joy, it's out.  

That being said, my wardrobe has done quite a bit of shrinking and because I don't like being an outfit repeater, I've challenged myself to get creative, which it turns out, is actually pretty fun! 

I had a FaceTime interview on this particular morning and wanted to wear something that would help me stand out and stick in my interviewer's mind, so this Ikuru Project dress (see it worn as a dress HERE) was an obvious choice!  However, I wanted to put a spin on it, so I tucked it in, turned it into a peplum top, threw a blazer over it and voila! After my interview, I went to lunch with a friend, ditched the blazer and felt ultra chic!  

The greatest part of this outfit is, that the dress was handmade in Mozambique for a company that lives to help women get out of poverty! 

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