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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I've said it before (as recently as this time last week), but thrifting is seriously the coolest!  As I've worked on minimizing my wardrobe, I have found that when either narrowing down your possessions or accumulating new ones, if you're going to be responsible, the best thing to do is to keep or purchase pieces that you will use until they are literally un-usable! 

Recently, I've taken early steps towards creating a capsule wardrobe.  At this point, it is probably still much larger than the wardrobes of more practiced minimalists, but it's a work in progress.  In shrinking my wardrobe, I got rid of the clothes that I had "just in case" (I went to the opera, I hopped on a plane to Paris, was invited to a masquerade, etc.).  Next, I weeded out all of the things that I used to wear a whole lot, but haven't touched in 6 months or more.  I paid special attention to the pieces that were created in factories that I couldn't find much information about.  

The majority of these items ended up in bags to sell online or take to the consignment shop, but I also ended up with a few bags of stuff to be taken to reputable local thrift stores.  It's shocking to me, but it seems that many people in the world simply put their unwanted clothing in the garbage, where it is then transported to a landfill where it spends eons rotting away and relaxing toxic gases into the atmosphere.  

Not a good outcome.  

Anyway, after my first epic closet cleanout, my love of putting outfits together kicked back in and I felt the need to acquire a few new-to-me pieces that could be styled in a number of different ways.  Enter this tie dye tank top.  I snagged it at a thrift shop in Ventura for a whipping $5.  It was brand new, with original tags, and I have to restrain myself from wearing it at least once a week.  I wore it for my school picture (because tie dye means that I'm a super cool teacher, right?) 2 weeks ago and I wore it again this week.  I just can't help it!  I'm also planning to try and style it as a scarf and if I get extra creative and work with a belt and some finesse to turn it into a skirt!  

What I'm getting at is: if you're going to buy things, try to find them second hand and when you do find something (second hand, of course) to buy, make sure that you're buying something that will be extra versatile so you can keep it forever and prevent it from turning into landfill fodder! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the tank was thrifted
: the necklace is fair trade and handmade from stones found in the road!
: the earrings were handmade from re-claimed sheet metal


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