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Outfit repeating...

Monday, August 7, 2017

As a sustainable lifestyle blogger, I am often asked how I manage to never repeat an outfit.  Apparently, on the outside, it looks like I'm always wearing all sorts of new stuff, which isn't incredibly sustainable OR minimalist, but here's the secret: I repeat outfits ALL THE TIME.  I just try to do it in a way that is extra sneaky.  

Take this shift dress, for example.  I've had this dress for several years, and actually liked it so much that I ordered it twice!  I first unveiled it back in London in September 2014 as a transitional fall outfit (see it HERE).  On this same trip, I got really fancy (and cold) and also wore it as a scarf (see it HERE)!  A month later, in Venice, I wore it as a shirt (see it HERE).  I wore it again in Rome in June 2015 as a dress, but under a layering piece (see it HERE).

After the Rome trip, I was bogged down with a dislocated knee, knee surgery, and my move back to the US, so my beloved shift dress disappeared into several suitcases and several closets.  It stayed behind in Germany with SB when I moved back to Chicago and when I moved to Vegas, we were reunited and it promptly got squished to the back of the one closet in my apartment (that is used for clothing, shoes, jewelry, suitcases, holiday decorations, and other storage).  It came out briefly in Salt Lake City in September 2017 as a shirt (see it HERE) and then got squished into the back of said closet until last week, when it finally made it's way to Chicago, where it was worn as a tunic! 

So you see... I am a chronic outfit repeater.  While before I jumped on the sustainable fashion bandwagon with the level of commitment that I currently have, I did receive lots of clothes that I wore once and then sold or donated, I do try to be very smart about the things that I am ordering.  Then, I try to invent fun new ways to wear them and I space those times out so that it looks like I've picked up something new, but really, it's just a tried and true garment! 

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