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Valley of Fire...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Holy stromboli!  These photos are from May (i.e. before the world turned into an oven) and I, somehow, managed not to get them posted!  In any case, SB and I made a day trip to Valley of Fire and it was absolutely epic!  The rock formations here were absolutely amazing, as you'll see from these photos here.  

A few interesting things to note about the park are: 

: there is a $10 entrance fee with a $2 discount for Nevada residents.  Unlike other parks, SB's military ID didn't get us in for free, but gave us the same $2 discount that Nevada residents receive. 

: their website isn't the most informative.  There aren't any really good maps or lists of things to do, but I will tell you that it is very easy to navigate around the park.  

: from where we entered the park, we did a brief bit of boulder scrambling and were told by another scrambler that there was a herd of long-sheep coming through, but we never crossed paths with them.  

: After this, we saw the Arch Rock and then made a stop at Atlatl Rock.  This entailed a climb up a set of stairs to see some really awesome petroglyphs.

: Next stop was Mouse's Tank.  This was a short hike through a bit of a canyon full of petroglyphs.  It gets its name because water tends to pool in this area after extensive rainfall.  It's also a fun spot because an alleged South Paiute Indian outlaw, named "Little Mouse" was said to have hidden here after gunning down prospectors in the late 1800s. 

: Rainbow Vista and the Fire Wave were probably the coolest bits of this trip.  We took extra time to wander around and scramble, but the waves in the rocks just blew my mind! 

: This trip ended with one final hike through the slot canyon (my very first slot canyon), which was definitely fun!  I tried to put one leg up on either side of the canyon and climb through that way, but wasn't too successful and I definitely felt it the next day! 

We skipped out on the beehives, the domes, the petrified logs, and Elephant Rock.  We saw Seven Sisters on the way out of the park, but were so exhausted from hiking and scrambling all day that we blew right past them and headed back home for a much-needed shower and a well-deserved beer! 

Have you ever been to Valley of Fire?  What was your favourite part of the trip? 

2 comments on "Valley of Fire... "
  1. wow this place looks amazing! I feel like people so often only think of the city life in Nevada and don't appreciate all the parks and nature it has to offer. Love this! x

    |Georgia Megan|

  2. Amazing photos! Great post and blog!