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Salutations!  Thank you for your interest in collaborating with : Green Chic Life : ! I love working with eco-friendly, fair trade, and handmade brands and with over 40,000 followers across social media channels, I believe that I can help share your message with the world!

: approximate current follower totals : 

- facebook - 2700 
- instagram - 24500
- pinterest- 6100 
- twitter- 10800

: collaboration methods : 
(updated 1-March-2020)

#SustainableSunday Brand Spotlight
: 1 blog post
: 2 Instagram posts
: 1 Instagram story
: 1 Facebook post, tweet, and pin on Pinterest with tags
Cost: $45 + product

Weekly Feature Posts
: 1 blog post
: 1 Instagram post 
: 1 Facebook post, tweet, and pin on Pinterest with tags
Cost: $30 + product 

#FreebieFriday Giveaway 
: 1 blog post
: 1 Instagram post
: 1 Instagram story
: 1 Facebook post, tweet, and pin on Pinterest with tags
: Posts on at least 5 giveaway-hosting sites
: Giveaways run for a week
Cost: $50 on it's own, or $20 when bundled with #SustainableSunday or a Weekly Feature

: testimonials : 

"Absolutely wonderful! You are awesome for helping get the word out about our brand" - Emily of Heshima Kenya

 "My business is slowly growing and I need to up my social media presence.  You have been doing such a great job, I’d like to utilize your expertise again"- Barbara of Inspire Active Wear

"We absolutely loved your blog post here at Juice Organics! Our CEO loved it as well!  It was so well done that we were wondering if you might be interested in arranging an Instagram takeover of Juice Organics!" - Zhanna of Juice Organics

"I really appreciate it:) Thank you so much! I love love love all the pictures and can't wait for the next ones:)"- Najat of Live the Give

"Loved the blog post!!!! You do such a great job, we feel honored to be working with you! Thank you so much!"- Jennifer at MyWola

"Your blog post is beautiful, thank you for all your kinds words! I adore the close up pictures of you in the earrings and ring"- Elise at Felise Designs

"Yay! Checked out the post, its great! Thank you so much for all the production and commentary. We really appreciate the time invested and wish you are truly enjoying our product"- Fernando of Simply Nature Bio Jewels

“Thank you so much for this great opportunity and amazing experience!”- Christina Fish of Calypso Creations

" I am thrilled with such success during this giveaway!  I want to thank you for reaching out and all your hard work and cuteness during the last few weeks.  I am so grateful for everything it has brought my way.  Many people attempt to do what you do, but you undoubtedly capture the eyes and hearts of some wonderful readers.  Thanks for being so great :) I hope to work with you again in the future!"- Ashley Kratke of Mildred & Bernice

“I just wanted to say thank you for the give-a-way you are running right now for my heart sweater.  Since you posted it I now have 60 new followers on Facebook-woohoo!  You rock!” Tessa Deyo of Sunday Champagne

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be a part of your amazing blog/life!  It is truly an honor!”- Alysha from Iklektik Jewelry Designs

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