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Kicking around in Inkkas...

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Oops, I did it again.  I've discovered another fun and fabulous product that gives back to the world!  Yes, my friends, I am talking about these epic new sneakers from Inkkas World Wear.   Inkkas is all about creating fun shoes in the most environmentally friendly way possible.  All of their shoes are made in a fair trade environment, which means that the people who make them are paid a fair living wage.  

Inkkas also hosts a program called OneShoeOneTree, through which a tree is planted for every pair of shoes sold.  These trees are planted in areas that have been deforested over the last century in partnership with award-winning non-profit TreesForTheFuture.  Through this initiative, they have already planted over 124,000 trees to help re-forest the world and provide sustenance for people in developing countries. 

Not only do I love that Inkkas is putting more trees back onto the planet, their shoes are crazy (vegan) fun!  My Spectrum FlexAire shoes are from their inaugural collection and were designed with traditional Peruvian textiles.  They are crazy lightweight.  For real, when they arrived, SB couldn't stop tossing them into the air and marveling at how running shoe technology has advanced over the years. These sneaks are super comfortable and offer enough support that I can wear them without my go-to post-ballerina-years orthotics.  The colour combo allows them to match with tons of different outfits.  I've worn them to work out and even snuck them into my work wardrobe last week!  

They make a whole range of athletic shoes, joggers, high tops, low top slips ons, boots, and other accessories!  Hop over to their page and check out the whole line of worldly, earth-friendly goodies! 

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