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#SustainableSunday with Third Oak...

Sunday, June 17, 2018

It's officially summer time, and y'all know that that means: It's time for sandals!  

I'm not sure about you, but over the last few weeks, I've seen several rather upsetting videos on Facebook concerning the number of foam flip flops that have been washing up on various beaches, but have been turned into some pretty cool sculptures!  

While sculptures are pretty rad, what if I told you that I'd tracked down a sandal that isn't made of foam?  

'Cos guess what? 

I have!  

Yes, Green Bees, I have tracked down some pretty fancy sandals that are 100% recyclable!  Please allow me the honour of introducing y'all to Third Oak.  They make flip flops and sandals from a bio-based, 45% soy material.  In real life, they are flexible, feel a bit like rubber, and are quite comfortable.  Something that I really like about them is that they are as light as a foam flip flop, but they are pliable enough that I can truly feel the ground under my feet.  As seen in these snaps, I wore them out into the desert and was walking over all sorts of rocks, which I could feel (comfortably... these remind me a bit of grounding shoes), but my feet felt safe.  I wasn't worried about slipping at all, even though I was walking over uneven terrain.  

Something else that I seriously love and need to discuss is their recycling program.  I've mentioned that these sandals are all 100% recyclable, which means that during production, any scraps that they may create can be melted back down and used in a new pair of sandals.  In addition to this zero-waste methodology, if you ever get tired of or wear out your Third Oak sandals, you can ship them back and they'll recycle them into new sandals, so nothing goes to the landfill!  Also, everything at Third Oak is made locally in Georgia, which means that there's a huge decrease in the global footprint (ok, carbon footprint... please, by all means, wear your Third Oaks all over the world) for each pair of sandals! 

Whet your appetite?  Click through to head to their site and see all of their fun colour schemes and designs! 

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