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Starry Night...

Monday, November 13, 2017

You may remember several weeks ago that I had the honor to help host a loop giveaway on Instagram with several fair trade companies.  One of these companies was Fair Anita, a Minnesota-based company that specializes in handmade and fair trade jewelry and accessories.  

The company was founded in 2009 by Joy, who set out on a mission to help women help women.  The model is to hire women in poor communities, support them in their lives as they hand make affordable, artisan pieces for other women.  Fair Anita was named after a social worker named Anita in one of the poorest communities in Peru who strongly believes in teaching women the skills that they need to become independent and skills that can help them move forward.  Now, Fair Anita employs over 8,000 women in 16 marginalized countries.  

Even though I live in the first world, I have witnessed and experienced first-hand what it is like when women do not empower one another.  When women stop supporting women, entire infrastructures collapse, so when I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Fair Anita, I knew that I needed to take the chance and keep the ball rolling.  

Fair Anita has a huge (and I really mean huge) range of jewelry, clothing, and accessories.  I selected the Starry Night earrings and Wrap bracelet for myself, since they are great neutral colours with just a hint of shine that I think is perfect for the upcoming holiday season, but that I can easily see myself working into my year-round wardrobe (yay, minimalism!).  

Don't believe me?  Hop over to their site and check out everything they have in stock!  On a budget?  They even have a page just for goodies that are less than $20!

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the earrings are fair trade and handmade
: the bracelet is fair trade and handmade
: the necklace was a hand-me-down
: the top is fair trade and handmade (and it is actually a dress that I tucked in to make a tunic!)

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