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#SustainableSunday with Sun & Earth

Sunday, December 10, 2017

I'm going to be honest here: I genuinely enjoy cleaning, but buying cleaning products has never been something that gives me a whole ton of joy.  Especially since I've made the conscious decision to live more sustainably.  

Standing in the cleaning product aisle in the store looking for something that fits my budget AND has ingredients I can pronounce can quickly become overwhelming and I often end up either just grabbing what's on sale or whatever claims to be eco-friendly and run with it.  On the flip side, I'll say that I LOVE to clean with simple ingredients like vinegar and baking soda, but don't always love the scent that the vinegar/apple cider vinegar leaves behind.  That being said, I was over the moon when the friendly folks over at Sun & Earth reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try out their natural products.  

I jumped at the chance and when 3 boxes of goodies were delivered at my doorstep, I got right to work and gave my apartment a good deep cleaning.  

Wow!  First of all, I can pronounce things like: filtered water, citrate salt, and orange oil.  I was off to a good start!  I was definitely impressed with the glass cleaner.  I've had one spot on my bathroom mirror for a year and this was the only stuff I've used that could get rid of it.  Often, I avoid buying pre-moistened wipes because I don't know how they break down, but these wipes are totally biodegradable and are so handy, I'll definitely need to restock when they run out.  

I also often stay away from buying dryer sheets, after reading online that they are full of all sorts of crazy chemicals and also don't biodegrade well.  The same is not true of these Sun & Earth dryer sheets.  They are made from paper and area treated with orange oil.  They help reduce static and break down totally naturally! 

  As I told Ali, from Sun & Earth, my dishwasher is awful.  I've just about given up on it and switched to washing things by hand, so she sent me not only dishwashing soap, but some dishwasher packs to try out.  I gave them a whirl and even with my low-grade dishwasher, they performed better than any other soap I've tried previously.  She even included a travel kit with trial sized cleaning products and a stain remover pen that FINALLY helped me get the rose oil stain out of my shower curtain (oops)! 

I think it's clear to say that Sun & Earth is the way to go.  With genuinely natural products that can break down on their own, a great gentle scent, and actual true cleaning power, Sun & Earth has got it going on! 

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