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Spring swaps...

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Spring is officially here and the local flora has started to take note!  If you're also taking note and are jumping on the Konmari Method bandwagon or are just doing some simple spring cleaning, I need to tell you about an eco-friendly way to freshen up your wardrobe.  

While I enjoy being as minimalist as possible, I too, love swap out the pieces in my closet to keep things exciting and that's why I'm so glad that Swap.com exists.  I love visiting thrift and consignment stores and find the experiences to be something like treasure hunting, but there are those times that I'm looking for something specific and don't have the time or the patience to go sifting through second-hand clothing.  

Swap.com takes the hassle out of second-hand shopping by running one of the largest internet thrift stores in existence today.  The whole process is pretty cool and you can use Swap if your trying to downsize your wardrobe or if you're trying to update things a bit.  If you're cleaning out your closet, you can create an account on Swap.com and request a pre-paid shipping label.  Simply bag or box up the garments that you don't want, label your package, drop it in the mail, and the people at Swap will go through everything and send you a check for everything that they accept.  

These goodies are then what populate their site.  They've got everything categorized and organized so that thrifty or sustainable shoppers like you : Green Chic Life : readers can treasure hunt or zero in on the specific items that you want for your wardrobe.  I'm always looking for fun trousers, I live in breezy tanks in the spring and summer, and knew that I wanted to get some vintage-looking wedges for my summer wardrobe, so I knew exactly what to focus on while searching their shop.  I managed to get this entire outfit (minus the jewelry and jacket), another outfit (top, trousers, and sandals), AND shipping for about $50!  

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.  I was also super happy to see that in person, most of what I purchased was in better condition than I'd thought it would be in and some items still had tags on them!  I don't know about you, but I think that this is a pretty groovy way to keep things real, budget-friendly, and sustainable! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the earrings are fair trade and handmade
: the bracelet is fair trade and handmade
: the tanks are second-hand
: the trousers are second-hand
: the wedges are second-hand

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