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Happy feet... crazy brain...

Monday, January 27, 2020

As I write this post, I'll admit that my mind is wandering.  I'm hoping that since Stellan's insurance was too expensive through work and we had to buy his policy elsewhere and the info hasn't arrived yet, we can still manage to get him in for his 2-month immunization appointment (he will be 2 months old in just a handful of days).  I also want to know how much weight he's gained since he was such a tiny baby and lost so much in the few days after being born and have resisted taking him to the grocery store to weigh in the produce scales.  I'm secretly freaking out because we still don't have childcare lined up for him and I go back to work in a month.  Everything is too expensive, too shady, or totally full.  I'm wondering if I'll ever feel like I've gotten sufficient sleep again.  I want to know how SunStars and I are going to juggle Stellan when I go to the dentist right in the middle of the school day on Tuesday... do I drop the baby off at school for SunStars to watch while he is teaching or do I cart him along with me and hope that he sleeps in his carseat during my appointment even though he's been rather fussy as he goes through another growth spurt... 

Oh, and he has basically totally stopped latching, so I'm also totally tweaking out about my milk supply drying up much earlier than I'd hoped even though the girls hurt just about all the time from pumping.  

... and then I see him smiling, looking around at the world, and kicking his happy little feet and a lot of those worries kind of dissolve. 

Can any other mamas relate? 

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