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Like a butterfly...

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

 I have a confession. 

It's soooo embarrassing. 


Ok, here we go: When I turned 18, I really wanted to be a model and actress.  I absolutely worshipped Paris Hilton and did everything I could with my limited I-wash-gross-towels-at-a-day-spa-for-income budget to dress exactly like her.  Everything was pink.  

... and then I went to college and realized that the world was not "The Simple Life."  I started making the switch to living more sustainably and pink disappeared from my wardrobe.  I ended up, largely, staying away from pink for the last decade, but when this frothy new dress from Kindom magically appeared in my mailbox, I suddenly found myself having a change of heart about the color.

As with all pieces in the Kindom collection, the fabric that makes this dress was rescued from a dark, forgotten corner of a factory and was set to be thrown out.  Over the last few years, Claire, the brilliant mastermind behind this sustainable brand, has become an expert at finding fabulous fabrics and saving them from becoming landfill fodder.  Once she has rescued her raw materials, she turns them into beautiful designs like this dress.  

I kid you not, y'all, I felt like a butterfly while wearing it... and if you know me, you'll know that that is a feeling I greatly treasure.  It was also wonderful to have an actual outfit on and be out of the house, even if it was just for a quick twirl amongst some cool sculptures on a sunny day! 

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