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#SustainableSunday with Conscious Step...

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Have you ever thought about taking a walk in someone else's socks?  I don't mean literally.  I guess I'm trying to make the connection to that phrase about taking a talk in someone else's shoes... you know... to develop empathy?

Well, with Conscious Step, you can experience something along the lines of empathy with your socks!  How?

Great question!  

All of the socks at Conscious Step are designed with a cause in mind.  They have tons of partnerships with non-profit organizations and each sock style is designed to reflect the causes that these non-profits represent.  If you love plants, they've got socks that protect tropical rainforests and socks that plant trees.  If you're an animal lover, don't worry!  They've got you covered with socks that save cats and dogs and socks that protect endangered animals.  More of a human interest sort of person?  Their collections for socks that educate children, end poverty, fight hunger, and stop violence might be just what you're looking for... and those aren't their only causes!

You can look through their list of causes, find one that you'd like to support, and then choose your socks.  Every pair of socks sold generates a donation for the non-profit partner for that cause!
They are currently working with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Conservation International, Action Against Hunger, The Trevor Project, Oxfam, and Trees for the Future, to name a few.

Conscious Step is also committed to sustainability.  The cotton for Conscious Step socks is grown in India, which helps to support small farms.  This cotton is also organic, so it is grown without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.  Once the cotton is grown and picked, these fair trade certified socks are created in safe factories, where workers are paid fairly, receive overtime compensation, and have freedom of association.  It seems that these benefits, along with the time and care spent on growing the cotton definitely pays off!  These socks are crazy comfortable!

What are you waiting for?  Pop over to Conscious Step and see all of their great causes and patterns!  Comment back here with your favorites!

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