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Horseshoe Bend...

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I've found that when I decide to do something that is outside of my comfort zone (i.e. attempting a one-legged balance near the edge of a cliff), it is important to still retain some degree of comfort.  For me, this means wearing clothing that is sustainable and/or ethical.  It is for this reason that I paired some new tops from Live the Give with my zero waste leggings from Chic River on our trip to Horseshoe Bend.  

It was a totally last-minute trip and as with most of our last-minute trips, it was totally worth it.  I haven't written much about this, but Soldier Boy got orders and will be moving across the country in a few weeks, so now we're trying to cram in all the things we wanted to do together in this part of the country when we thought we had another year and a half to do them.  Our route from Vegas to Horseshoe Bend took us very close to Zion National Park, which we've kind of adopted as our home-base (we've been through there about 4 times in the last 6 months).  The town right before Zion was the perfect halfway point for us to switch drivers and for me to stop at one of the coolest coffee shops I've ever visited (River Rock Roasters), so it was a total bonus for me!  

Before having been to Horseshoe Bend, I seriously thought that it was part of a National Park.  I stand corrected.  This spot is literally just on the side of Highway 89 in Page, AZ.  It has a huge parking lot, super clean vault toilets, and a really cool portable recycling center (I wish I'd taken a photo, but I was too into the scenery).  There is a quick 3/4 mile walk from the parking lot to the best views of the bend.  When we first approached, I was totally stuck on standing in a certain spot, thinking that it would have been the best place to view the bend, but the more we moved around, the more I realized that there really are no bad view of this spot!  

Of course, there were a ton of tourists (we were there around noon on a Saturday).  I believe it is possible to book fancy tours of this spot, but it is definitely super easy to do independently! Stay tuned for one more Arizona adventure from our random weekend!  

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the sweatshirt donates to education initiatives
: the tank donates to education initiatives
: the leggings are zero-waste
: the necklace is handmade
: the ring is handmade

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