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Kindness is a language...

Monday, November 6, 2017

The world is a bit topsy.  

It's true.  

I connected with The Free Reign Life on Instagram a little over a month ago.  Melanie, the founder of Free Reign, and I chatted about the world and everything that is going on in it and shortly after this conversation, the shooting in Vegas occurred.  Less than a week ago, 8 people were mowed down by a truck attack in New York City.  Today, as I write this, headlines keep popping up on my phone about the Texas church shooting and it strikes me that these incidents are becoming an epidemic.  

It also makes me wonder if something as simple as a bit of kindness could have prevented or de-escallated any or all of these tragedies at all, and a big part of me thinks that it probably could have.  

When you think about it, it doesn't matter what language you orally speak.  Kindness is a language that can be understood by anyone.  Young children can understand and speak it.  So can animals.  Kindness is a language that is all about action, not about words, and in today's world, this is huge.  

Think about it: How many times in your recent memory has someone said something and their actions have been the complete opposite of their words? 

The dictionary definition of kind is: being of a good or benevolent nature or disposition; having, showing or proceeding from benevolence and synonyms are: considerate, helpful, humane, gentle, clement.  

If we let this definition dictate our actions, we will be speaking the language of kindness.  

Let's be honest: the world needs it! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the tank is made from organic cotton
: the shoes are handmade, vegan, and fair trade
: the bracelet is handmade and fair trade

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