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It's cold...

Monday, January 1, 2018

It's cold.  

Like... really cold.  

For real, people... it's about 5 degrees outside. 

This would make normal people pretty frustrated, and I'm not gonna lie... there have been several times during this Arctic freeze that I've complained about the chill in the air.  However, today (while hiding in my cozy warm bed... gotta love the winter break flu bug!) I realized that I'm actually glad that it is so cold. 

"Why?" you ask.  

Because the climate is bonkers!  Coral is dying.  Fires are raging.  Hurricanes are decimating entire countries.  And have you see the starving polar bear video?  

I'm just glad that the earth is still capable of getting this cold.  

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the sweater was thrifted
: the beanie was handmade from hand-me-down yarn
: the necklace was handmade
: the rings were handmade from scrap metals
: the booties were borrowed

1 comment on "It's cold... "
  1. Nice post! I wish it was that cold in my country. Our "winter" lasts less than a month and the lower temperature we get is -2 degrees Celsius. Too bad :/ and I love cold weather

    Walking Freckle