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Antelope Canyon...

Monday, January 22, 2018

I hate to say it, but these snaps were from the last adventure that SB and I are likely to take for a while now.  Once again, the whole military thing has thrown a wrench in our life plans and he is moving across the country next week, while I'll be staying in Vegas for, at least, the remainder of the school year.  Since he is leaving soon, we tried to cram in as many adventures as possible with the few days that we have left together. 

I was going to say that obviously, we made a trip to Antelope Canyon, as all people who live out here do, but after talking to some locals at work, I soon realized that there are a ton of people who grew up in Vegas who have never even heard of this spot!  

Here's what I've got to tell you: 

Often, if you happen to see a screen saver of a slot canyon, it is a photo of Antelope Canyon.  

There is an Upper and Lower Canyon and both of them can only be accessed on a guided tour.  

The Upper Canyon is the one in which you can take the best photos of light beams.  Because of this, it is more popular than the Lower Canyon and tours fill up much faster. 

The Lower Canyon is more difficult to get around in.  You have to climb multiple ladders to navigate through the canyon.  The canyon walls are also closer than they are in the Upper Canyon, so the passages are narrower.  

We only had time to tour the Lower Canyon, but it was seriously cool.  From the top, you would never have known it was there, but once we climbed down several very steep and narrow stairways and were immediately taken back by how amazing the inside of this slot canyon was!  The way that light bounces off the walls creates a broad range of colours.  These photos have barely been edited (I didn't use my usual filters), so they are a true representation of what the canyon actually looks like! 

There was only one spot in which we kind of got a light beam, which was actually pretty exciting, since they are spotted much less often in this canyon in the winter around noon.  I let some sand sift through my fingers and we were kind of able to get the effect we'd been hoping to see (if you don't know what I mean, check out these photos from an Ecosia search).

My number one recommendation if you are planning to visit the canyons would be to book your tour in advance.  SB and I have tried to get tours here last minute at least three times in the last year, and we've never been able to.  We managed to get tickets to the Lower Canyon 2 days before our trip, but the Upper Canyon was totally booked at that point! 

Happy exploring! 

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