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#SustainableSunday with Goodfair...

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Ok, so y'all already know that I'm a huge fan of thrifting.  I love to go on treasure hunts in my local shop when I feel like my wardrobe needs a little boost and I've enjoyed playing around with online thrift shops where it's possible to scroll through what is available and make purchases that way, but I've just discovered something a bit new and different. 

Yes, Green Bees, I've found another kindred spirit in a company called Goodfair.  Like me, they are most definitely into second-hand fashion, but instead of hosting a giant website full of inventory, they will send you surprises!  Yep!  You can pick things like "Surprise Flannel Bundle" and receive 5 flannels in the size of your choice.  Similarly, they have bundles that are meant to totally restock your wardrobe, like the Mother Earth bundle, which comes with 3 printed tees, 3 blank tees, 2 flannels, and a sweatshirt for just $35!  When you add things to your cart, you can customize your bundle by selecting male/female/don't care and you can leave special instructions or requests for things that you'd especially like. 

My pal, Kirby, at Goodfair was kind enough to hook SunStars and me up with basically a brand new (to us) wardrobe.  She sent oodles of flannels, sweatshirts (which I promptly stole out of the hubs' pile... it's ok... he snagged one of my tie dye shirts!), and some sweatpants which will be perfect for lounging after Tater Tot is born (Any day now!  Ahhh!).  

I told her that we'd like some Star Wars pieces, Chicago sports teams, and tees with messages that might help to inspire our students.  I also asked for anything from the Ivy League, also to help pep students up a bit.  SunStars happened to see a Reptar tee on the Goodfair site while just perusing and he got pretty stoked about that, so I communicated that to Kirby who found a tie dye (!!!) Reptar shirt in their giant inventory!  Needless to say, SunStars is thrilled. 

We had an absolute blast this afternoon, going through all of these new-to-us goodies and trying them on.  We laughed way too much, stole lots of things out of one another's piles, and made a huge mess.  It was kind of perfect for the last weekend day before going back to work... and perhaps before we have a screaming infant on our hands.  Even the dog got in on the fun!  

If you happen to be looking for an inexpensive and earth-friendly way to update your wardrobe, I highly recommend that you check out Goodfair!  They're sending out surprise ugly Christmas sweaters now and you can use code: EARTHLY to save 30% on orders over $60 (just imagine all of the thrifted goodies $60 would get you)! 

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