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Earth Month and Ecosia.org...

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Now that April is here, it is officially Earth Month!  The world is a bit strange for humans these days, but as we have been self-contained, stir crazy though I may be starting to get, I've been quite happy with all of the news I've been seeing about the positive impact our quarantine has had on the environment.  

My great hope is that we can maintain some of the planet-healthy habits we've been pushed into having while we're locked down once the world returns to something that more closely resembles "normal." With this thought in mind, I thought I'd continue along the vein of my March Mega Kind Madness (I was able to donate over $300 to charities with blog-generated income and hopefully I managed to spark some extra donations from all of you!), and spotlight some great non-profits and earth-friendly organizations every Wednesday in April. 

Since I know that money and resources are tight and scarce, I thought I would kick things off with a free resource that does some real good on the planet.  I don't know about you, but I tend to pretty much always have questions about things and since I've got regular access to technology, I like to look things up... like immediately. 

Because I'm an advocate for the planet, I've made the switch from the usual search engines to ecosia.org.  This search engine plants one tree in areas around the planet that need them for every search made!  You can access it via mobile technology and can download an add-on for Safari to make using it even easier.  

They gain the capital from advertisers that are shown with each search.  These funds are then used to maintain their operations (which includes servers that run on 100% renewable energy), to purchase seeds and seedlings, and to develop and carry out planting projects around the world.  When trees are planted, they are done so in areas where deforestation has taken over.  They are only planted in places  where they will be sustainable and where the local people will naturally help tend to them to ensure their survival.  At Ecosia, all aspects of planting are considered AND they sponsor safe online searches. 

What are you waiting for?  Get planting! 

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