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Because I'm happy…

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Happy weekend, everyone!  

I wanted to take a moment to reflect a little bit, because as the seasons are (supposed to be) changing, I'm realizing how different this year is from last year, weather aside.  

This time last year, I was scrambling to find a job.  The days on my visa were quickly ticking away and I was really dreading the idea of being deported in October (just 3 days before my birthday).  I was bored.  I had no friends.  No phone.  No car.  All I did was lay around the house and watch TV.  I couldn't get a library card so unless I could download the ebook from my home library, I was book less and movie-less.  I was insanely restless.  

This time this year, I've been employed for nearly a year in a job that while, outside of my career field, gives me some flexibility to have a life and still affords me the ability to take weekend jaunts off to new countries and places.  I have a VW Beetle, which was my childhood dream car.  Mine is 17 years old and is rather quirky, but it's cute and it gets me where I need to go.  I have a few friends.  Navigating the military lifestyle while not being a spouse or belonging to a unit that has lots of get-togethers has made making friends a bit of a challenge and the friends that I have made have kids and families and very busy schedules, but hey… the lack of hangouts has given me time to expand my etsy/Facebook business a bit!  

It is more than just a relief to have no fear of deportation this year, and in fact, the week of my birthday, we'll be cruising around and crossing more countries off of our list.  

I guess it would be fair to say that I'm happy! 

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19 comments on "Because I'm happy… "
  1. Yea! Sounds like cause for celebration! Enjoy your weekend travels :-)

  2. Adorable! Love the shoes


  3. Excellent !!!
    Take part in the giveaway on my blog !!
    You have everything to win ansy ...;)


  4. Congratulations on such a successful year! It sounds like you've come really far...but you also sound like you're in a really great and solid place now. In terms of your outfit...it's FLAWLESS! I've been wanting some leopard print slip ons for a while now, and your jewelry is amazing!
    Great look, as always :)


    1. Thank you! The shoes are from Deb and only cost $12! Total steal!

  5. Hey congratulation! I feel like you've beat me with the European move by a few months and it really has been wonderful following your journey!

  6. Amazing post, dear! And I love your blog:)
    I am now following you on Bloglovin, follow me back?:)


  7. Hi Gorgeous
    I love your blog You have great idea's of styling
    Lets follow each other ?
    Please let me know I blog about latest trends and lifestyle
    Irena D

  8. Isn't it great how things change from year to year? It gives me hope when Im in a slump that in just a short time everything will come back to roses again. And I can't get over your jet setting lifestyle- all those countries! I'd be in absolute heaven

    xo marlen
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    1. Come visit! Bring cupcakes… and pumpkin spice…

  9. Ok I really dig this. You're totally rocking this sporty/casual but chic look.

  10. This look is gorgeous! I like that you've opted for this pair of slip-ons :)