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Travel surprises…

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bonjour, tout le monde!  I have to give ya'll a giagantic thank you/merci/danke for sticking with me after completely disappearing for a week and then being all over the place (literally and figuratively!).  I'm trying to get outfit posts and travel posts and giveaways up all at the same time, so things may be a tad disjointed around here for the next week or so!  Anyway, enough of that!  On to Croatia! 

I have to say that Croatia has probably been the biggest surprise for me during my time in Europe and our day in Dubrovnik was my favourite day of the cruise!  I will admit (with my head hanging low) that I really never thought about Croatia.  In my mind, it was a Slavic country that was still war torn from the end of last century and that's about all I really knew/cared to know/thought of it.  Boy, was I surprised to wake up, wander out of our windowless interior cabin and see what was outside!  

Dubrovnik was AMAZING!  Beautiful, old architecture, white marble streets, shimmering ocean, and a vast marina greeted me!  While yes, I did to a tidbit of planning for the cruise (note: when SB and I travel, we usually focus on getting ourselves somewhere, planning a place to sleep, and then figuring out what to do once we're there and settled), and knew that I wanted to walk on "the wall" (because I looked Dubrovnik up on Pinterest before leaving), I had no clue how amazing it would be!  The views were breathtaking.  

If you ever visit Dubrovnik and only have a short time to spend there, I highly recommend changing some money, walking the wall (they only take Kuna), grabbing some ice cream and doing some people watching!  

Already been to Dubrovnik?  What did you do?  What did you like?  What did I miss? 

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17 comments on "Travel surprises… "
  1. Everyone I know has been to Croatia. I can see why from these pictures.

    / Avy

  2. Lovely photos!! Absolutely loving your shoes! <3

    Boonya of the arty wardrobe

  3. Beautiful photos! I've always heard Dubrovnik was lovely, and can't wait to visit one day.

    1. It is wonderful! I do hope that you get there some day!

  4. I love every piece of ur outfit
    These photos are great

  5. Hi Signe! So glad you posted on Croatia...My husband is part Croatian and we are dying to travel there:) I'll have to show him your post. So great to see what we have to look forward to whenever we get there! Kris / VPI

    1. It was so breathtaking! I couldn't believe how beautiful it was!

  6. Incredible photos! It looks beautiful there!


  7. Although the backdrops are breathtaking, I love how you still found a way to stand out with the pop of the red. Beautiful! <3

  8. I love it! What a stunning place and you look great too!

  9. Gorgeous photos! It looks like an amazing place. xxx
    Just Emma