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Band of Brothers…

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bonjour, tout le monde!  It's Hump Day, and boy, am I feeling it!  Because we have a fabulous cruise planned for my Birthday week, I've found that I've become quite restless and antsy, and I just want to get myself on a boat so I can sail away to new lands, STAT! 

In order to help push through this Hump Day, I thought I'd share a weekend day trip with ya'll!  

One of the great resources we have as a military family overseas is a never-ending stream of tours from the USO.  That means, we get to hop on a super comfy bus, and be driven all over creation to see cool stuff with a snazzy tour guide.  Since Soldier Boy and I are, essentially, polar opposites, it is sometimes a bit tricky for us to find things that we both want to learn about (getting him into an art museum is like asking him to take a trip to Hell and back) we often rely on our mutual love of WWII history.  

He's really into the battle tactics and weapons and stuff and I'm all about the human interest side of things, and together, we totally make it work.  Because we'd had such a fabulous time in Normandy in July, we settled upon giving the "Band of Brothers" USO tour a go.  

This tour looked great on paper.  It visited the American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg, the German Military Cemetery in Luxembourg, had a random pit stop in a town with a castle and an American tank, and then plowed on to Bastogne (Belgium) to see a US monument, the Belgian bunkers where all the heavy-hitting officers made their battle plans, and had a quick dip into the Bois Jacques, where the Band of Brothers dug foxholes and fought.  This was to be interspersed by episodes of Band of Brothers that took place in the locations we were visiting all with the accompaniment of a knowledgeable tour guide. 

I'll just say that it was lovely to be out of the house on a beautiful day.  We got to have each meal of the day in a different country, which is always a bonus in my book, and we had a lovely time in one another's company, but our tour guide couldn't complete a thought if his life depended on it and we only got to spend about 10 minutes in the foxholes (which is what we were most looking forward to seeing and could have spent at least an hour in them).  

That being said, here are some snaps! 

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Chambray shirt from H&M

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24 comments on "Band of Brothers… "
  1. Beautiful photos,love your outfit.Happy birthday <3


  2. I love WWII history. This sounds like a great tour. I truly enjoyed the Band Of Brothers TV series and I've always wanted to visit the Anne Frank museum. I love your outfit, by the way! :) xxx
    Just Emma

    1. The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam is AMAZING! If you go, make sure to buy tickets in advance. We waited out in the freezing cold rain for about 2 hours to get in!

    2. Thanks for the heads-up! I really hope we can go next year! xxx

  3. Looks incredible! Hope you have fun you your cruise!


  4. Beautiful photos :)


  5. Hope you have tons of fun on your Birthday cruise! :)

  6. Great photos! I love all of the denim

  7. Okay that's it you guys need to make your way over to Warsaw PL. You would both love the military museum. If I could include a pic in the comments I would but you'll just have to trust me!

    1. Got any links? Warsaw is on the travel list! Fingers crossed that we make it there!

  8. Great pictures!! Sounds like my husband would have a lot in common with WWII history, weapons, battle history, etc!

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  9. Really nice place. :)
    Pretty check my blog and have some time to read. :) thank you!
    link: http://theclosetqueenofandrogyny.blogspot.com/

  10. Lovely photos again!! xo


  11. I love love love your outfit! You rock bangs so well :) Great photos as well- looks like such an interesting place!


  12. Happy (early?) birthday! Love coming to your blog to see where you're headed or where you've been. It keeps my wanderlust at bay hehe.

    Blue is so your color and have Jesica take ALL of the photos. These are so dope!! Can't wait to see the next collaboration :)

    The Style Boro

  13. Love this outfit! Super classy and simple