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To plan, or not to plan?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Oh travel.  You are wonderful, but you also drive me insane.  

Spring break kind of snuck up on us this year. SB was in the states for training (leaving me alone in our haunted house for weeks) and upon his return, he had to finish school work and I was so exhausted from having been awake so much (thanks a lot, ghosts) that my ability to adequately plan our spring break was severely compromised.  

We had flights, we had hotels, and that was it… 

… or so we thought.  However, I discovered about 5 hours before our flight (had to fly to Milan for a night and then fly to Malta) that we'd booked a hotel in Milan near the wrong airport.  Our hotel was actually about an hour away from the airport that we were actually flying to.  Luckily, I caught our error and we were able to book another hotel in time for our flight. 

… and then our plan was struck by lightning. 

I kid you not, I thought we'd been hit by some sort if missile.  I was already shaken up because we'd been flying through a crazy turbulent storm and then this huge flash came out of nowhere.  I jolted my whole body and braced for impact, while literally the entire rest of the plane was silent.  SB was all "Whoa… that was so freaking cool!" I think I was the only scared person on the entire plane.  It took until our landing about 20 minutes later for me to calm down.  And in hindsight, it makes for a pretty cool story.

Anyway, once we landed, we discovered that the only way to get to our hotel was to take a cab… for 20 Euros… for a 10 minute drive.  We had to make the same trip the following morning, which meant that our grand total for one night's stay in a hotel was 40 Euros in transportation, about 60 Euros for the hotel we actually stayed in and another 70 Euros for the hotel that we didn't stay in.  Word to the wise… plan your shiz. 

We got on the plane to Malta without any issue, got on a bus to the hotel without any issue and then arrived at the hotel to be told that our room was under construction and we'd be given two single rooms.  Let me tell you… they were the tiniest rooms ever, with windows that opened onto the heating/cooling system for the building.  It was a noisy night, but we made it… and got to wander around this super cool, peely city! 

16 comments on "To plan, or not to plan? "
  1. Your first sentence sums up traveling perfectly. Thanks for sharing your travel experience and the wonderful photos.



  2. Amazing shoots!
    XOX, Gap.

  3. This is such a beautiful boho inspired outfit!

    http://petitemaisonoffashion.blogspot.com/ ♥

  4. Love your style and the location looks so beautiful.

    xx Jessy

  5. Well, if I had been on that plane there would have been two of us who were scared to death. But at least you got to see Malta, which I'm told is totally worth seeing. I have never been but I hope to go one day. Love this outfit btw. xoxoxo

    1. It was SO scary! I'd recommend Malta, but wait until it gets warmer so you can actually go swimming.

  6. These photos are great, I love your boho top

  7. Oh no! It sucks when things don't quite go to plan. The city looks pretty cool, though! :) xxx
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    1. It certainly was an interesting place to wander around in.