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On an island in the sun…

Monday, June 29, 2015

Imagine this:  You're at the beach.  Freshly lathered in sunscreen.  You've dug out the perfect arc of sand beneath your towel so that your back rests comfortably on the earth.   Waves are lapping at the shore.  Children laugh and murmur in Italian as they determine the best way to build the perfect sandcastle.  You are sun kissed.  You are relaxed.  You are just about to drift off to sleep when a shadow covers you.  

You open your eyes. 

It's a man in a white tunic.  A scarf wrapped around his head.  He is brandishing a case of jewelry and demanding in 6 different languages that you must buy his bracelets.  

You put up your hand and shake your head.  You feel bad about it cos hey, he's got to make a living, but you just want to relax.  After you've given him a firm "No" several times, he wanders off and you sink back into your beach cloud.  Just as you hit that perfect point of relaxation someone wanders along to inform you that you simply cannot survive your day at the beach without an inflatable turtle.  


This, friends, is a day at the beach in San Vito Lo Capo.  

9 comments on "On an island in the sun… "
  1. Shame on such a pretty sight. The world is a terrible place sometimes.



    1. I mean, yeah…. it definitely is. I was really torn between seriously wanting to relax and wanting to give people the time of day since they were just trying to make a buck.

  2. Super nice pics!!!!! I love Sicily! And you look gorgeous and happy!!!!

  3. Gorgeous scenery! Shame about the various persistent sellers... Although an inflatable turtle does sound pretty awesome, haha. xxx
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