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Getting back outdoors…

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In keeping with my latest post, I've carried on the fair trade, eco-friendly, get back to nature sort of trend today.  I headed up to the woods before work to take in the morning sun before the day got too hot.  I tell ya, it really makes a difference!  As a child, my favourite thing to do was play in the woods behind my house and throughout the years in my childhood home, I made myself quite the backyard club house.  Mud and bugs were no worry to me, but as I got older, I grew apart from the outdoors.  

Looks like I'm working my way back into things!  

As far as the fashion here goes, I picked up these wonderful re-purposed linen trousers from my new pal Abi at AbiDashery on etsy (more repurposed goodies from her to come) and my tank top is from a cute little company called Tanked, based out of Texas.  They are all about having fun and getting out into the world, which is exactly what I'm trying to be all about (more from them soon, also)!  I'm also sporting a beautiful handmade bracelet from Ash & Rose, which you may remember from my previous post as a company that is all about fair trade and empowering women.  Top it off with more handmade jewelry and I'm feeling pretty fabulous about this look! 

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16 comments on "Getting back outdoors… "
  1. Playing in the woods as a child, I know that feeling.



  2. Love the outfit and the jewellery is amazing.
    Fabulous in the woods! :)

  3. Beautiful photos and I love love love your style of writing! Keep it up!

    Môj BLOG /KLIK/

    PS: Follow for follow? I always follow back !

  4. Wow...it look super amazing...thx for sharing honey...:-)

  5. It is great to take some time enjoying nature. Love the trousers by the way!

  6. Looks so bohemian!
    Love it :)