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Where to draw the line...

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I tell you what: I love the fall, but I think it is making people crabby.  

It hasn't even been cold and grey and rainy here yet.  

Maybe it's just because school has been back in session for a month or so, but the vibes in the community have changed.  

I may or may not have shared that due to my knee injury and the fact that we were supposed to move back to the states in October, I am not teaching any dance or gymnastics classes this year.   However, because I still need to have at least 20 hours of work a week, 100% of my job consists of sitting at tables in various buildings to hand out Bandaids or ice packs and lock up at the end of the night.  

In one of these buildings, my table is actually a desk.  Picture at the doctor's office, so that the surface of the desk is low and there is a high wall that hides computers, etc.  By the time I get to work in this building, the office is closed, so the lights are off and I get to hide behind the desk.  No one really knows I'm there.  And since I am so well hidden, I hear a lot of things that people share in what I think they assume is in confidence.  

... oh boy, was there a heck of a lot of racism going on in here last night.  I didn't say a thing, but at one point, I stood up, left the office, and walked right in front of the two people who were deeply embroiled in a conversation about things that I do not want to revisit here.  It was bad.  And last night wasn't the first instance of this.  

It's tricky, because I'm all about letting people have their opinions.  Free speech and freedom of thought can be great things, but it makes me wonder where the line between good and bad should be drawn.  

I really can't say, so I'm electing to just smile through it. 

3 comments on "Where to draw the line... "
  1. Very cute fall outfit! Love the jewel tone colours of this combo!