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Fresh air...

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lately, I'm all about fresh air.  Even on my last day off (read: I was too lazy to get out of my PJs and I didn't actually leave the house, but I did stick my head out the window 7 or 8 times).  On the days that I'm not being lazy, if I can escape work for a few minutes, I've jetted outside.  If I can't escape from work, I've made sure to drive home with the windows cracked and now I can't get into bed at night without getting a few whiffs of good, clean outside air.  

... blame all the yoga I've been doing lately... apparently is has increased my "connection with the earth." 

... also, there's either a ghost on my shoulder in most of these photos, or something on my camera lens.  Probably a ghost, though... 

5 comments on "Fresh air... "
  1. The print on your trousers is absolutely gorgeous! x


  2. I'm just at the beginning of 12 days off work, so I'm really hoping it stops raining long enough for me to get some time outdoors, get some fresh air and play with my new camera! Also, I must start up yoga again, properly. xxx
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