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Silver Reef ghost town...

Saturday, September 17, 2016

If you've been following my journey on Instagram lately, you'll know that I recently had a few days to escape the teacher life and recharge by doing a bit of exploring.  SB and I had planned on visiting the Grand Canyon, but it was super last minute and apparently it is impossible to find lodging anywhere near the canyon (even for $400 a night!!!) last minute, so we ended up in Salt Lake City.  

Why, you ask?  Well, years ago I saw the Bonneville Salt Flats on a travel show and SLC has been on my to-see list for years.  On the drive from Chicago to Las Vegas, we skirted right around SLC, totally missed the salt flats and skipped a bunch of quirky roadside attractions that I seriously needed to check out.  

SB and I packed up the car and headed to Utah, stopping in Saint George to look at dinosaur footprints (check those out on Instagram) and then headed along to the Silver Reef ghost town, because I'll basically go anywhere that has "ghost" in the name.  There wasn't a whole lot out there, but it was pretty awesome, nonetheless.  We arrived close to sunset and had the whole place to ourselves.  

I had to laugh a bit at a few of the signs asking people not to climb on the 100-year old structures when in Europe, we were climbing all over 600+ year old castles.  

There is a museum at this site, but it was closed when we arrived.  We were able to pick up a map with information about each of the sites and walk along the guided trail and felt perfectly happy doing just that!  This stop was not bad for my first real Wild West ghost town, but I am definitely looking forward to exploring more out here in the near future (Virginia Settlement in Bodie, California, I'm lookin' at you!).  Stay tuned for more Utah travels! 

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12 comments on "Silver Reef ghost town... "
  1. The first couple months are the hardest, not going to lie. I had plenty of good cries... :) At the end of it all, though, even if you never really adjust, you know the journey will be worth it and set you up for serious growth.

    Ghost towns! You've gotta visit Pioneertown and catch a show at Pappy & Harriets. :) Salt flats are on my list too. Someday.

    Emily / Cactus and Fog

    1. Golly, I do hope that you're right! I have a friend from Germany who just got orders at the same base that SB is stationed at. Fingers crossed that having another pal here will help turn things around! In the meantime, I need to get over my fear of driving and hit some more ghost towns!

  2. These pictures are awesome and it seems like it was a great trip!

    xo, Skylar

  3. omg this is so cool!
    let’s follow each other on GFC?
    style frontier

  4. oh wow this place looks beautiful! I mean i know its eerie because it's a ghost town and all but still amazing!!


    1. It was pretty neat to see. It's one of those really fun things about living in the west. With a bit of imagination, it isn't hard to block out all of the modern houses and mental rebuild all the buildings that stood here a hundred years ago.

  5. Great pics and way to go with the escaping ;)

  6. Awesome photos! Looks like a great place to visit. I'd love to visit all the ghost towns in the world! xxx
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