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#SustainableSunday with Juice Organics...

Sunday, July 16, 2017

It's #SustainableSunday, y'all!  I don't know if you noticed, but last week, back at home, I chopped off about 15" of my mermaid hippie hair and this fresh new cut put me on the search for a natural way to keep it as such.  Well, friends... the stars must have aligned for me in just the right way, because I had an email in my inbox from Juice Organics at just the right time! 

Over the last year, I've gone on an epic search for earth-friendly, natural, chemical-free products to add to my admittedly minimalistic beauty routine.  In this search, I've found lots of products that claim to be natural and work well, but my experience hasn't been that great.  I've found expensive products that make bit promises, but don't deliver.  I've gone down Pinterest wormholes that have turned my kitchen into a laboratory full of other natural products that don't always work the way that other Pinterest users claim they do. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to announce that I've finally come up with a winner! Yes, pals... my new Juice Organics brightening shampoo and conditioner have stolen my heart.  The first thing I did upon receiving them was to check the ingredients list.  The number 1 ingredient: organic juices!  While yes, there are some chemicals in this shampoo, I can actually pronounce them!   I compared their ingredient list to a leading big box "organic" beauty product line (that lists "water" as their number 1 ingredient) and found that Juice Organics takes the cake.  Their packaging is all recyclable and for real... if I could convey the amazing citrus scent of this shampoo through photographs, I would.  It's amazing, refreshing, and it's REAL!  

If you're looking for hair care products that are packed with antioxidants (aloe, coconut, jojoba oil, etc.) to fight free radicals and keep your hair looking amazing, then this is the stuff you need! And lucky for you, Target just picked up their line, so they are easy to find at your favorite store! 

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  1. Oh my gosh...LOVE these BEAUTIFUL photos!!! Thanks so much, Karen Behnke, Juice Beauty and Juice Organics founder!!