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The Grand Canyon in Recover Brands...

Monday, October 23, 2017

A few weekends ago, on a total whim, SB and I ended up on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  

It. Was. Awesome! 

Now, this wasn't a typical National Park trip for us.  Usually, when we're in a park, we plan ahead of time, and end up doing a ton of hiking before camping out somewhere.  The North Rim has two options: drive to look out points with short walks to take photos OR take what is at least a 6 hour day hike through the canyon.  

Because our trip was so last minute (i.e. we decided on Friday to wake up early and go on Saturday and return home on Sunday), and we wanted to see as much as possible, we opted to spend more time driving from point to point than hiking through the canyon itself.  We drove up to the visitor's center and walked along the Bridle Path, saw Bright Angel Point, drove to the Cape Royal trailhead and wandered for a brief while along the Ken Patrick Trail.  We got to see bison, a coyote, turkeys, more deer (at dusk) than I've ever seen in one place in my life, along with a few hawks.  I was also over the moon to see patches of aspen trees turning yellow and orange and red! 

As I said, this trip was insanely last-minute and all of the camp grounds, cabins, and hotel rooms were booked; however, SB is getting really good at freecampsites.com and we ended up sleeping in a clearing in the forest along a service road.  It was legal to camp and it was legal to build campfires, so we were all set! 

I also have to point out that I had the most awesome shirt ever to wear to a National Park!  Recover Brands.  They have a wide range of women's, men's, and kid's clothing, along with an accessories line.  This "Protect our Parks" tee is part of a special collection and I was more than proud to wear it at the Grand Canyon.  In addition to displaying what I consider to be an all-important message, the tee is also totally eco-friendly!  It was made from recycled plastic bottles!  Y'all know how happy I am every time I'm able to wear something made out of recyclables!  If you want to help spread the message that our parks need some immediate TLC and support, consider picking up a tee of your own!  

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the tee is made from recycled plastic bottles
: the leggings are organic cotton
: the fern ring is handmade

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