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The ripples in Vegas...

Monday, October 2, 2017

It's been a quiet day in Vegas today.  The usual sounds of people honking car horns, talking in the street, and even the birds seem muted. As I write this, I am looking out my window at the Strip.  I can see Mandalay Bay from here.  

SB woke me up around 2 AM to tell me that there had been a mass shooting and that I should check in with my family.  Through a fog of Sudafed, I replied "Ok, thanks."  When my east coast friends started pinging me around 5 AM my time, the gravity of what has happened really hit me. 

Today has reminded me a lot of the days that directly followed 9/11 and air traffic was halted.  The world was muffled.  It felt like walking on eggshells.  Like even the slightest misstep would cause another huge, terrible ripple in the world.  

But you know what?  

The only ripples that I have seen today have been the good kind.  They have been the kind of ripples where people open up.  Where people give hugs and smile and say "I'm so happy to see you today."  Where people offer their homes to people who have been displaced from their hotels.  Where people are sitting on-call at the airport to drive long-distance loved ones to their injured family and friends in the hospitals.  They are the ripples of goodness.  They are the ripples of kindness.  They are exactly the type of ripples that this town needs in order to heal and move forward. 

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