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Green nails... literally...

Monday, December 11, 2017

Friends, Romans, nail polish lovers... I haven been on a nearly year-long search for the most natural nail polishes that I can find that are still fun colours and that actually stay on.  After much searching, I have determined that polishes from Lantern & Wren (formerly Ellison's Organics, as printed on these bottles) are definitely the best.  While they still contain several ingredients that I cannot pronounce, they are vegan and cruel-free.  Additionally, the green matte polish is 5-free and the blue polish is 7-free, which means that they the have less harmful chemicals than most nail polishes on the market.  This is definitely evident from the scent of these polishes!  They are not overbearing the way many other polishes tend to be.  

I also have to say that this is my first experience with matte nail polish and I kind of, sort of, totally love it.  While I'm a big fan of glitter and holographic polishes, the matte kind of reminds me of chalkboard paint and because this particular polish is a teal green, it just seems a bit more natural.  I can easily picture myself incorporating the matte into nail art and solid nails in every season!  

If you're looking for stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, or something with which to treat yourself, I highly urge you to pop over to Lantern & Wren to check out all of the other fun green beauty goodies they have in stock! 

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