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Organic and comfy...

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Let me know if I'm crazy here, but I really love to wear comfy clothes, but often end up feeling like I'm wearing a potato sack when I have comfy clothes on.  While I'm totally cool with this when I'm sick, if it's the weekend or a day off and I just want to chill, but end up with a few errands to run, I really want to be able to leave the house to run said errands without having to change clothes (because days off= as lazy as possible, am I right?).  

I know that I live in Vegas and I could totally wear a pair of regular old PJ pants and a giant t-shirt to the store and no one would look at me sideways, but if I could look cool (you know... like those super casual/cool girls that you see in the Anthropologie catalog...) it would just be better. 

Enter Synergy Organic.  I've already shared how much I love this eco-friendly and fair trade brand over the years, but these new joggers and this burnout top have got me totally in love.  Each piece is made of organic cotton in a fair trade setting in India, so I already feel good about wearing them, but the fact that these joggers are one of my favourite colours really make them tops.  The top is great because it's burnout, but the back is overlapped and open.  It was great for a warm weekend day.  I wore it to get a few things done at home, ran a few errands, went home and did yoga and I never had to change my clothes!  Also, it's such a great shape that if I throw a cami under it, I can wear it to work, too! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the top is organic cotton and fair trade
: the joggers are organic cotton and fair trade
: the sandals are made of recycled yoga mats
: the necklace is handmade

Antler necklace c/o Mountain Lust Jewelry

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