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In the Mood...

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

When I lived in Germany, I had the absolutely privilege of traveling and finding products that were handmade in lots of other countries.  This was one of the ways that I began to shift into the field of sustainability in the first place.  I found that people living in Europe naturally lived a much more natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly lifestyle than my fellow Americans and so I started to make their habits more mainstream in my own life.  

Since I moved back to the states, I've stuck with local businesses, but the international bug has bit me again!  I recently teamed up with Lydia from Mood Organic Oils, a family-owned company based in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Lydia creates beautiful soaps from certified organic oils and ingredients, and doesn't wrap any of her products in plastic, which if you've been reading here for a while, you know I appreciate! Her soaps are safe for hair, body, and for shaving.  

She was kind enough to send me a number of her samples, including eucalyptus & kelp, patchouli & rasul, lemon & coffee (my favourite), geranium & red clay, lime & green clay, and a plain natural soap.  They are all molded and finished with a lovely sparkly gold and white swirl on top.  They smell amazing and leave my skin feeling clean and hydrated!  

Please be sure to head to her website to take a look at all of her beautiful full-sized soaps and other natural body products and feel free to shoot her a message on Instagram!  

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