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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

My dearest Green Bees... last weekend, I needed to be in California to do some work-related things.  I'd planned on packing up and leaving after work on Friday, but I'd had a sore throat all day AND it was Field Day AND I ended up supervising another class in addition to my own, so I was totally wiped out.  I was up all night and had to visit the doctor on Saturday morning.  Diagnosis: sinus infection.  Timing: worst ever! 

Pumped full of antibiotics, I was semi-prepared to hit the road, but I needed some good snacks to keep me fueled up for the drive!  With this in mind, you can only imagine how glad I was that my new Postworthy box arrived and contained the perfect "I'm feeling awful and am on a road trip" snacks.  

Yes, pals, I got to try out new Verday Chlorophyll Water.  "What is this?" you ask.  It is water that is made with chlorophyll... the groovy stuff that makes plants green.  It is full of detoxifying antioxidants and the Lemongrass Ginger flavor that I got to sample was perfect for helping to settle my belly full of antibiotics.  The water also comes in watermelon, coconut, and cucumber, which all sound equally appealing! 

I also chowed down on a giant peanut butter chocolate chip protein cookie from Munk Pack.  It is a soft-baked vegan cookie that was able to provide me the extra energy I needed to stay awake while driving.  I love that they are vegan and have 18 grams of plant-based proteins!  After devouring the peanut butter chocolate chip flavor, I hopped over to their website and discovered that they also make a double dark chocolate flavor that I simply must try! 

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