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#SustainableSunday with Earth Hero...

Sunday, January 20, 2019

I don't know about you, but since I started living on my own, I've really found that having a candle lit in my apartment totally changes the whole atmosphere.  When you move as often as I do and are always living in little one-bedroom apartments, doing something as simple as lighting a candle makes all the difference between a shelter feeling like a house and feeling like a home. 

That being said, I was super happy to connect with the people at Earth Hero.  They are based in Boulder, which is just a wee bit to the north of where I currently live and their online store is chock full of eco-friendly goodies.  All of the brands that they carry are sourced, manufactured, and are shipped in a way that protects the planet.  It's actually kind of awesome to have discovered a giant database of ethical and sustainable products.  I could literally completely redecorate my house, update my wardrobe, and restock my kitchen all in one place: Earth Hero. 

They were kind enough to help me make my apartment feel a bit more like home with one of their Sanari Candles.  These candles are made with 100% certified plant-based ingredients.  The oils that go into them are all organic, the wax is 100% organic coconut, and the wicks are 100% unbleached cotton.  I chose the "Sanam" candle, which is made of pomegranate, jasmine, and rose scented oils.  It's absolutely delicious and I'm already dreaming of how I'll repurpose the glass jar it is in when I've burned the whole thing down! 

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