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Monday, March 4, 2019

Living sustainably doesn't just encompass wearing handmade, fair trade, or thrifted clothing.  No, sustainability is truly a lifestyle change that also involves the things in your environment and the things that you ingest.  

Since it is winter, I'm a teacher, and am not used to the cold after living in the desert, I've found myself saddled with an unnatural number of colds (and the flu).  This means that I've been drinking quite a bit more tea than usual.  While it's rather easy to stroll down the aisles at the local market and pick up a standard packet of Lipton, I've teamed up with Vahdam Teas to explore organically-grown teas that are fair trade and taste absolutely delicious! 

I've found that the green teas are wonderful with honey for a sore throat, I love the fresh cinnamon taste that comes through the spices turmeric tea, and the chamomile mint citrus is the perfect accompaniment to a hot bubble bath before bedtime on a chilly winter night.  Oh, and I'm not the only one who loves these teas.  Oprah is a huge fan and included them on her list of favourite things in 2018 (it is the very first product from India to ever make her list).  

In addition to having wonderful flavors and being gentle on the planet, Vahdam Tea has also started a non-profit organization called TEAch Me.  Their mission is to help educate children in India and they donate 1% of all of their proceeds to help support this initiative.  Like I said, as a teacher, this is an organization that I can truly support! 

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