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Monday, September 16, 2019

As my journey through pregnancy continues, I've come to accept that many of the products that I used in what I still considered to be a rather "green" life, really weren't all that green at all.  I've had to set aside quite a few bath and body products that contain chemicals that have been said, in some cases, to lead to birth defects, which as small a thing is that is, it was really difficult to do at first.  

Luckily for me, I belong to a community of wonderful people who create wonderful, safe products.  I recently teamed up with Tap Tap Organics and not a moment too soon!  They sent me their Head to Toe cocoa butter, which feels AMAZING to slather all over my belly after a warm shower.  I wish that I could give all of the credit to my skin, but I think this is one of those things that has helped me to avoid stretch marks (so far...) as I'm rolling into week 28 with this little Tater Tot on board.  It doesn't include any essential oils, but is made simply of coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E, and everything is organic.  This makes it super safe for me to use with a baby on board, but is also safe for baby once he is born! 

They also sent me their Regenerate Rose & Neroli Oil, which is a great, smooth moisturizer to use in place of the chemically lotions I was using before I was preggo.  The only ingredients in this hydrator are: grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, tea leaves, rose oil, neroli oil, camomile and geranium oils, and vitamin E.  

Something that I truly appreciate about both of these products, and well... the entire Tap Tap line, is that I can pronounce ALL of the ingredients that they use (even if it is a little tricky for me to say "jojoba!").  Everything is organic, so I'm not worried about random chemicals sneaking their way in.  Tap Tap even goes out of their way to find non-GMO ingredients to make their products even safer.  Oh, and all of their packaging can be returned and refilled!  If you need a refill, when you go to the product page, you can select "Yes- I need a free return label for my empties" or "No- First time purchase" and they'll hook you up!  I love that I've found another brand that encourages reuse of their (adorable) packaging!  It's just one more small step that we can all take together to make a huge difference in the world! 

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