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More bier, please...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hokay, so... if you've been following on Instagram, you'll know that last weekend, Soldier Boy and I hopped over to Amsterdam, where I discovered I have a long-lost cousin (for real...), we wandered through the everso-interesting Red Light District, spent a ton of time on a boat and got to tour the Heineken facility. 

Now, this beer tour was not originally on our list of things to do, but Trip saw it on a map and was suddenly so incredibly gripped with the desire to visit the facility that we had to do it.  We were able to get a small discount on our ticket because we purchased it along with our hop-on-hop-off canal tour tickets.  It was still overpriced, but was actually way more fun than I thought it would be. 

Usually, I find that beer facility tours like this are tacky and  way too touristy, unless they are in a craft brewery.  Not entirely the case here.  As someone with something of a business background, I was struck again and again by how brilliant Heineken is at marketing.  Seriously... we wandered through a few rooms about the history of Heineken beer, went on a virtual ride and landed in a tasting room.  Directly after the tasting room was a huge couch and ottoman-lined room with Heineken bottles all over the ceiling and projectors (displaying their most recent (and worldly/brilliant) ad campaign).  The room was packed with people just hanging out and being advertised to. 

There were floors of interactive activities.  You could make music videos, send photo postcards via e-mail, play games, and lounge in some really comfy, space-age looking chairs (with projectors (displaying vintage ad campaigns).  Ahhhh.... and then the free beer!  There were two bars: one loud and clubby bar and one that was slightly quieter where you can learn to draught your own beer.  Of course, Trip just HAD to draught his own and after almost an hour wait for his turn, got himself a certificate to prove just how awesome he was at doing it!

Skirt thrifted

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22 comments on "More bier, please... "
  1. That looks like so much fun! And I just love your outfit, especially the crocheted skirt and leopard headwrap!

  2. Nice pics, like the skirt! I want similar in my next summer :)


  3. lovely photos ;3

  4. Ooh that wall of the green bottles are so cool!

  5. Ah, the Red Light District. Haven't been there in a while.



  6. That photo of the green bottles is so cool! I don't mind tours like this, really. I'm a nerd and always interested in learning something new!

  7. nice pics! :)
    maybe we will follow each other? let me know :) (if you have we can also follow on fb)
    I will be also very glad when you will CLICK on sheinside banner :)

  8. wonderful! would you like to follow each other? just let me know. XX

  9. Oh it must have been so cool! It just shows how things that don't look tempting can turn out to be awesome :)



  10. Although I don´t drink alcohol and of this cause also no beer I can really imagine that this was an interesting tour! And the outfit which you wore for your undertaking is really perfect for the occasion , it´s so cool and stylish <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  11. Love your leopard print headband!

  12. Glad you're having such a wonderful time, I am 100% obsessed with your boots in this outfit!

    Undeniably, me

  13. Awesome post, I love your look! Would you like to follow each other via GFC? x

  14. Great photos! And I love your outfit! :)
    I'm following your lovely blog on GFC now, hope u follow back :)


  15. Loving the head wrap lady! Looks like loads of fun!

  16. Wow! Looks way more fun than your average brewery tour!


  17. Amazing outfit and pictures!