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: Paint The Town Me : Peruvian ring giveaway...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Man, on man, tout le monde... it is Friday and this has been one heck of a crazy week!  I haven't posted a darn thing since Tuesday!  Anywho... with all the crazy holiday hours/shopping/crafting/selling/buying/baking/hanging out/celebrating/decorating/insert-verb-here, I figure you can use a giveaway just about as much as I can!  

This week, I bring you a little goodie from Rebecca at Paint The Town Me on etsy!  I discovered her shop on Instagram, and she was kind enough to send me some Peruvian bangles and a fabulous fabric-wrapped ring.  I wore all of my goodies last weekend in Belgium (how's that for cross-cultures?  An American, in Europe, wearing South American jewelry?) and now she wants to give one lucky : the daily savant : reader one of her fancy rings!  

Enter like crazy!  It's freebies like this that help make this crazy time of year a bit more bearable! 

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