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Dolla, dolla bills, girls…

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Majorly debating the world today.  I know that it can be a great place, but it seems that with each passing day, something crazy happens, someone gets offended, new rules are made to micro-govern down to the smallest thing.  

Just this morning, I had an interesting conversation concerning the letter 9-year old Sophia wrote to President Obama, asking him why there were no women featured on US currency.  My conversation partner pointed out that Susan B. Anthony is on the silver dollar and that Sacagawea is on the dollar coin and that currency should only feature US presidents.  

I immediately asked, "But what about the Benjamin's?" since good 'ol Ben Franklin is on a $100 bill and wasn't a president, and my convo pal told me that that was acceptable, as Ben Franklin played an integral role in the history of our nation… and then said something about how girls should do more (cos you know… being vessels of life isn't enough already…) and that the campaign to replace a woman on the $20 is crazy ("Just because girls are getting offended that they aren't on money…" is where that branch of conversation led). 

I do get what my pal was saying.  I'm slightly fed up with all the things I have to do on a regular basis to keep up appearances and keep people from getting offended (like putting a sweater over the Jack D. shirt I have on in these photos, when I went in to teach dance classes), but I had to back Sophia here… because quite simply, chicks have been historically known to do some pretty awesome shiz.  Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Eleanor Roosevelt, in my humble opinion, have every right to be featured on currency right along with their male counterparts.  

… of course, I was then called a communist/fascist, but for real… recognizing women who did things that changed the course of history on currency seems perfectly logical to me.  

What do you think?  Should our currently evolve with the feminist-leaning times?  Or should we stick with our old tried and true dolla dudes? 

Earrings ℅ my daddy! 
24 comments on "Dolla, dolla bills, girls… "
  1. The obvious answer is that the world and our society needs to evolve and realize that, hey, the women you see everyday are capable of doing the same things and deserve the same respect and rights as men do.
    It shouldn't be trendy or controversial to be a feminist or to even approve of woman's rights, it should be the norm. And, the fact that it isn't just proves a lot.

    Katie | www.katielikeme.com

  2. I enjoyed the nature of this post. Feminism should expand more and I would love to see another strong lady on US currency!

    1. Thank you! It would be pretty cool to see some more chicks on government-sanctioned items.



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  5. I agree with you. Women should be on currency. Besides, there probably would have been a woman president so much sooner if women had been allowed to be in politics. Considering women didn't get the right to vote until the 1900's says a lot about the state of American politics tbh and why women should be on currency.

  6. Hmmm nice debate topic. I'm sort of apathetic, to tell you the truth. Ask the 18-year-old me, and I'd say let's chain ourselves to the Capitol 'til they do something about this! But at the end of the day there are probably better means of energy spent. And on a semi-related topic, I want your pant/belt combo.
    Emily | faitboum.com

    1. Haha… I definitely don't think it would hurt to feature women on currency, but I do agree… we've got bigger problems to tackle.

  7. Your pants are amazing, I love them

    1. Thank you! I found them buried in the back of my wardrobe!

  8. not sure how you did your hair by yourself, but it is amazing!... and who knows maybe there will be a women placed on a $500 bill

    1. Lol… it was something of a challenge, but I'm glad it cooperated!

  9. Agreed! We should definitely see important women in history featured on our currency. Heck, we should start teaching history in a way that is more incorporative of the contributions of women. There are so many achievements and important roles women have played in history that seem to almost always be left out.

    By the way, your pants are so fun! I love them!

    xoxo Becca

  10. Such a wonderful combo!! And I love what you did to your hair!! Very creative :)
    Wish I could braid my hair like that as well! :D


  11. I don't think men realize that women tend to reach this glass ceiling. With his kind of POV he may be enabling it even more instead of disabling it.

    Women are pretty kick-ass in my opinion and we do so much shit without being recognized.

    P.s. Girls that Code and how they got started might be of interest to you :).

    The Style Boro