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Three cheers for scrunched up faces, and built-in air conditioning...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Te he... I have no clue why I'm making that face ^ but I kind of love it.  

I also want to talk about the wonderful thing that is this tank top.  I know I haven't chatted a ton about fashion lately, but this was just one of those finds that I picked up to continue with my annual trend obsession (tie dye... last year it was Aztec print and the year before, it was leopard).  If I had to describe this tank top, I'd tell you that it's a mullet.

Yep.  Business in the front and a wonderful, airy, party in the back.  Oh yes, my friends, this top is held together at the top and then drapes open in just the right way to make every step a bit breezier.  And that was especially good because the day on which I decided to wear this tank (yes, with black skinny jeans and booties), it ended up being close to 90 degrees, so I was more than happy to have the extra air flow.  

I also love this top, because I can perfectly picture wearing a cami underneath it and then layering on a leather jacket and scarf for when the real fall weather hits.  

... oh and fun fact:  it's also kind of fun to wear backwards.  I think it would make kind of a fun beach cover up that way... 

9 comments on "Three cheers for scrunched up faces, and built-in air conditioning... "
  1. Beautiful top ;)


  2. So cute! I love the tie dye trend also..I hope it doesn't fade out of style!

  3. Gorgeous and fun top! Love how multifunctional it can be. Party in the back, indeed!! :)

  4. Great flowy tunic


  5. Oooh, how fun! I love a top with a surprise in the back.

  6. The tank top is awesome! Looking forward to seeing it styled in the cooler months. :) xxx
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