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A storybook village...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy #MmmMonday, ya'll!  I don't have any new music or munchies for you today (but you can always check the tabs on the left for the archives), but I do have some travel to a place that starts with an "M" as a substitute!  

A few weekends ago, SB and I drove to Brussels for the weekend, but we made a quick stop in this historical German city of Monschau.  It was another one of those "I think someone mentioned this at one point and it's on the way, so we should stop" kind of places and I'm glad that it was.  The city is straight out of a story book! 

There is a huge craft market (kind of like a flea market feel) on the outskirts of the village, but once you get into the town-proper, it's chock full of old buildings tucked in next to newer architecture, bridges over the river, sculptures, and even a castle.  

The sole purpose of this journey was to stretch our legs, which we did while walking all over the town, and grab a snack (Flammkuchen... our new favourite German food).   My only tips for this town are to make sure that you either have a ton of change for parking (there are meters all over the place, but they don't take cash and many of them wouldn't read our cards... even the ones with a chip) and to give yourself time to take the whole place in! 

8 comments on "A storybook village... "
  1. What a beautiful place!

  2. Great pictures, your outfit is great as always. Love the spider picture, so creepy awesome! That place looks really great!

  3. You are to cute! I love the photography xx

  4. Oh my goodness, I'm dying over this little town!

    XO Kristyn Cole | Contrast of Effect

  5. Such a beautiful place!
    You're traveling across Europe, and I traveled to US this year. What an irony, isn't it, LOL. :)))


  6. Totally in love with the storybook-style architecture (not so much the spiders, haha)! xxx
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