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: earth child playlist and the case of the disappearing photos...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sometimes, on a beautiful day, you wake up, put on an adorable outfit, babysit some super cute kiddos for a few hours, drive to a hay field, and photograph your outfit.  

Sometimes, when a few days later (and after a day trip) you upload your photos to your computer, erase the disk, disconnect the camera, and restart your laptop.  

Sometimes, when you do all of these things, your laptop decides to erase all traces of the photos you just uploaded and you spend several hours downloading "free" recovery programs that either don't work, or aren't free.  

Sometimes, when you're about to tear your hair out, you happen to stumble across a miracle program that is able to pull deleted photos off your disk... for free... but half of your files were corrupt... and so, instead of outfit photos, you are left with three partial images as the only trace of your beautiful day fabulosity.  You'll just have to use your imagination to piece it all together!   UPDATE: got a new laptop and while transferring photos from the old to the new, these photos were recovered!  Yay! 

And in other news, since it is #MmmmMonday, I have another playlist for you!  I don't know if you know this about me, but I am constantly scanning the inter webs for new music and so, I am constantly accumulating tunes, but I don't always listen to them, occasionally for years after I've acquired them. 

To give my songs more play time, every once in a while, I'll select a word or a theme and make a playlist of songs that have my theme in the title.  That's exactly what this playlist is.  It is called 
: earth child and is a random selection either of songs that I already knew were about earth-related things or had words like: sun, moon, rain, tree, etc. in the title.  Usually, these playlists don't blend so well, but I've ended up with a rather fantastic hippie rock/indie/folk list of songs that I hope you'll all enjoy very much! If you want more tunes, please click on the : Music : tab to the left <<<

7 comments on ": earth child playlist and the case of the disappearing photos... "
  1. I'm so sorry to hear you lost your pictures! Things like that are always so frustrating, but it does make you realize that the memories are more important. Still a bummer! Cute outfit



    1. Truth! I had a major meltdown when I found that they'd disappeared!

  2. Partial or not your pictures still look great !!
    The color palette

  3. So sorry to hear about your photos. Technology is awesome most of the time but when it isn't, boy does it drive you crazy. Either way, your photos look amazing!