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All Hallows...

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!  Since it is a rather spooky day of sorts, I figured that I'd share just a few photos from Greyfriars Kirkyard.  As I mentioned the other day, on our first evening in Edinburgh, we went on a ghost tour of the South Bridge Vaults and the Greyfriars Kirkyard/Covenanters' Prison... in the dark.  

Since I'm a weirdo and love cemeteries, our next free morning entailed a quick stop to Costa Coffee for breakfast and a quick walk to see the cemetery in the daylight.  Poor SB gets a bit flustered by my love of walking around cemeteries, taking photos, and checking out old headstones, so I set him up with a pastry and some tea and went on an adventure of my own.  

I could have easily spent all day tracing my fingers through the words chiseled onto tombstones, walking in between topsy turvy grave markers, and imagining what the lives of the people buried there must have been like, but since I turned what I'd promised would be a 10 minute trip into at least an hour trip, we headed out for SB's adventure of choice: a hike up Arthur's Seat.  

It was a bit precarious for me in my knee brace, but we slowly made our way up the mountain and were not disappointed by the magnificent views of the city.  I even made friends with a couple of friendly snails!  

Another wonderful day in the world!  Have a safe and happy All Hallow's Eve! 

13 comments on "All Hallows... "
  1. Increible pictures :) They look so good

  2. Great pictures!
    I also had a nice Halloween this year, went to a party last night. :)
    Have a great week ahead my dear!

    Xoxo, Victoria


  3. Looks really spooky, great photos!

    1. I loved it in this cemetery! I'm such a weirdo!

  4. You always have the BEST travel pictures. Love the Halloween inspired ones and all the gorgeous fall colors. XOXO, Elif

  5. Great photos! The cemetery looks like a very interesting spot! xxx
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