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Ethical holiday shopping with Day 22...

Friday, November 27, 2015
It’s that time of year again: Black Friday.  Having lived in Germany for the last few years, I’ve missed out on much of the madness of this newly-instated almost-holiday, and while I’m back in the states right now, I’ve settled into a state of post-tryptophan/after-surgery calm and will be refraining from taking on the hoards and masses at the mall. 
However, I am still having some fun doing a bit of shopping between catch-up episodes of Downton Abbey and giving my newly refurbished knee some exercise and I wanted to share with you Day 22 boutique, a “kind” boutique full of ethically produced products, created and curated by a terrific trio of grandmother, mother, and daughter in 2014 with the idea of stocking their closets (and your closets) with unique and handcrafted items.
And now I need to gush a bit about their products because as I’ve been sitting here with my Downton Abbey, I’ve added about 18 items to my shopping cart.  My first stop was their Holiday 2015 gift guide.  I’m dreaming about the Claro EARTH eucalyptus+ mint candle (Bonus: Claro plants a tree for each candle sold) and the white and indigo embroidered Aster scarf, that was made in Ethiopia.  

They’ve put together a fabulous “Under $35”gift guide for those of us (me, me, me!!!) who are shopping on a budget.  I have to gush a bit about the Alem: StringTassel Necklace.  The black and taupe makes me happy and will match everything!  Also included in this section are tons of organic bath products and nail polishes. They even have a fun range of items for tiny humans, including bath toys, eco-friendly play dough, and teething rings with organic cotton embellishments.  

The Navia Thow is a beautiful handwoven piece can be worn as a wrap or used as a throw blanket, which I can say from experience is great for anyone who flies a lot.  I always toss a pashmina like this on when I make trans-Atlantic flights because they are stylish and can be used as a blanket to stay cozy while in the air!  This particular throw comes in coral and grey!
Bags from Day 22 are also great gifts for the traveler in your life (once again: me, me, me!!!).  Their Charlotte tote has some gorgeous details and would make for a great stylish travel bag.  The Jade Leather iClutch just oozes bohemian chic and don’t even get me started on the Eyerusalem passport covers!

I've only shared a few of my favourite ethical holiday gifts (and let’s be honest… wishlist items), but the list goes on and on (I barely touched on their jewelry because I have way too many favourites to list).  I also love that the way the site is set up, you can shop specifically for items that are fair trade or items, vegan items, recycled items, or for items from artisans that will donate to charity with purchase AND that they have goodies for just about everyone on your list!  And if you can't decide what to purchase for your loved ones, but you love the shop and know that your giftees will also love the shop, you can always grab a gift card!  What do you think?  Hop over to their page and let me know what some of your faves are and grab 30% off the holiday collection through 11-December with code SAVANT! 

Happy shopping!

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  2. This sounds like an awesome boutique! Love the idea behind it. Off to have a browse! xxx
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